What does it mean to enter a theatre room? To be part of a performance, whether as performer on stage or as guests in the audience? To be exposed with the charged tension on a scale from successful to failed? To indulge into the crazy mixture of adrenaline and expectations, to produce authenticity and consume fake?
Three performers are ready. They set everything in motion: physically, vocally and emotionally, in order to reach their audience with artistic means. They want to reach the musculus arrector pili – they go below the skin. Not with the one big drama, but with different performative exercise units. They jump into their tracksuits and get going as touch machines. They overspend theirselves up to physical and emotional exhaustion. What for? To touch you. missingdots works in this constellation for the first time. The artistic team goes from sense of touch with discussions about touch to production strategies, that create a goosebump moment.

Premiere 04.03.2022 HELLERAU Europäisches Zentrum der Künste
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Artistic collective
concept: Julia Amme and Nora Otte
play development, direction: Nora Otte
Julia Amme
Helena Fernandino
Magdalena Weniger

costume and stage design: Steffi Rehberg
light design: Martin Mulik
research participation: Katharina Bill
production assistant: Freya Gemeiner

Fonds Darstellende Künste #takeAction
Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen
Amt für Kultur und Denkmalschutz
Cooperation partner
HELLERAU Europäisches Zentrum der Künste
Villa Wigman für TANZ e.V.


We are starting this year with our residency research at HELLERAU Europäisches Zentrum der Künste. At laboratory border research  we will be experimenting with variable room structures, performative costumes and the movement of the audience. In the process we will investigate the impact of material settings on movement sequences of the performer and audience, while striving for a diversity of perspectives for the audience.

Artistic collective
Fine arts Svea Duve
Performance and Dance Nora Schott
Costume and stage design Katja Turtl
Performance and acting Julia Amma
Direction and dramaturgy Katja Heiser

Fonds Darstellende Künste #takeResidenz
Residency partner
HELLERAU Europäisches Zentrum der Künste

TRANSITRAUM – opening night accomplished!

We had our first opening night and four additional shows at http://Societaetstheater Dresden! We only had 12 visitors each show, it was a very exclusive event! We had a great audience and we are excited already for the upcoming shows in January 2021!!! Quote from a married couple from Stuttgart: ‘The trip to Dresden was already worth it just because of this show!’ 😉 THANK YOU!

residency for missingdots!

Thankful + happy!! Next year we will be able to do a research residency in cooperation with Hellerau Europäisches Zentrum der Künste and with support by ‘Fond Darstellende Künste’ through the format takeCareResidenzen. At our ‘laboratory border research’ the artists Julia Amme, Svea Duve, Katja Heiser, Nora Schott, and Katja Turtl will test out border crossing formats. 2021 – we will stay creative and create something!
Supported by ‘Fonds Darstellende Künste’ from financial resources by the representative of federal government for culture and media


One room, two projectors, three hoardings, 14 pieces of luggage made from 42 Euro-Norm boxes. It smells like different homes. Does that even exist in plural form? Two performers take us along their way. Where are we going, what are we leaving when we go, what are we taking and what will be unnecessary? We come across borders. We arrive. Have we arrived when we forget about our past or if we can write an error-free letter to the pension insurance?
missingdots takes the audience along the way through an interactive room installation and invites to sensually take part in different aspects of migration, like crossing borders, arriving and meeting people.

Premiere 25.09.2020 at Societaetstheater Dresden

Artistic Collective
Julia Amme
Performance-Dance Helena Fernandino
Fine Arts Svea Duwe
Production/Dramaturgy  Katja Heiser
Videoprojection Franziska & Sophia Hoffmann
Sounddesign Nils Michael Weishaupt
Photos Julis Zimmermann
Video ravirfilm

Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen
Amt für Kultur und Denkmalschutz
Wir Gestalten Dresden #kunsttrotzcorona
Cooperation Partner
Societaetstheater Dresden


We are very happy about the scholarship Art despite Corona (Kunst trotz Corona) via We shape Dresden (Wir gestalten Dresden) within the additional financial resources by the Amt für Kultur und Denkmalschutz Dresden. Because of that, out following production TRANSITRAUM at the Societaetstheater will be taking place with two shows on Saturday and Sunday!!! And we will make sure that everyone sticks to hygiene rules;)

Transitraum – addition

We are very happy that Nils Michael Weishaupt is part of our team. As a sound designer he will create an audible component as part of the whole interactive room installation!!!

The newspaper DNN visited us

Thanks to Rico Stehfest for this great article called ‘The temperatures of the city’ published in the newspaper DNN on July 8th 2020! He visited our mobile office for real affectivities on Prager Strasse and looked precisely at our measuring station……..

Mobile office for real affectivities

The temperature of the neighborhoods will be measured!

We will be biking through Dresden and go to different neighborhoods, set up our mobile office for real affectivities and collect moods, desires, needs and experiences: they’re going to be pinned, typed, pipetted and stapled.  The results will be part of our next production Transitraum and will be shown in September 2020 at the Societaetstheater Dresden. Also, the audience will meet the mobile office for real affectivities there.

We will be on the road in June, July and August.


development of a play with imprisoned women at the JVA Chemnitz

Premiere 2017


The second production with imprisoned women at the JVA Chemnitz: sleepingbeauty 2.0 is a play about good and bad wished, forbidden secrets, 12 golden plates, an infinite number of roses, a sleeping beauty dress, jealousy, a bad fairy that no one wants to play, an insuperable thorn hedge, the ideal prince, a centenary sleep and the future afterwards.

The play was shown to other prisoners at the JVA Chemnitz.


Direction, development of the play: Julia Amme, Kathy Heiser

Performers: imprisoned women at the JVA Chemnitz