missingdots is a theatre collective around the aritsts Julia Amme and Katja Heiser from Dresden.

We work interdisciplinary and genre-crossing, with researched material from social contexts, interviews literary texts, films and pictures.

Founded in 2010, back then with the name ‘Theater La Lune’, we find our topics in and beyond Dresden, on the streets, in schools, allotment gardens and homes for asylum seekers, in heat and power stations, containers, Pegida and No-Pegida demonstrations, in op-shops and so on. During the realisation, stages get new settings, public places are occupied, buildings are played on, interactive audience arrangements are tried out and put into a performative setting. Some projects are developed participative, with residents from social housing blocks, imprisioned women, fled people at the sculpture collection, students from different school types and more…

Professional artists from different branches are once or repeated part of the production collective missingdots.

missingdots is a registered charity association with place of office in Dresden. We are part of the Landesverband Freier Theater Sachsen e.V. (state assosiation of free theaters in Saxony) and Villa Wigman for Dance e.V.. missingdots is dedicated to cultural and political interests of the professional free artists in Saxony.

This is missingdots’ old page: ‘Theater La Lune’