Nora Schott

Dance, choreography

Nora Schott was born in Dresden and studied dance and choreography at the Palucca University of Dance (Palucca Hochschule für Tanz). She was master-class student at the university and scholarship holder of the Saxonian State Ministry for Science and Art (Sächsisches Staatsminesterium für Wissenschaft und Kunst). She has been working as a choreographer and dancer in national and international ensembles. In 2002, she was co-founder of the contemporary dance company ‘shot AG’. Till today, she realises feature-length productions as well as several short plays as a dance and choreographer, together with ‘shot AG’. Through cooperation and guest performances, her and ‘shot AG’ played at multiple theatres nationwide as well as abroad, like Rotterdam, Ljubljana, Koper, Rome, Bari. In 2007, shot AG received the Promotion Prize of the state capital Dresden.
Since 2003, she connects her artistic activity with the mediation of dance, in public trainings as well as in workshops for professionals or her work with amateurs. As a dance pedagogue, she has been working with children for many years and realises short shows and feature-length projects out of her lessons. For her work, she has been awarded multiple prices state- and nationwide.
Nora Schott also works as a choreographer for acting productions and with adults without dance education, for example with imprisoned people at the JVA Zeithain and farbwerk e. V. – Art and Culture Association for Artists with and without Disability.