Theater La Lune is now called missingdots

October 2019

As a free and for more than 10 years established theater, it is not very smart to change our name. Many of our benevolent colleagues advised us not to do it. We did it anyways and with a new name and a new website we are beginning to search for missing dots:

Theater La Lune is now called missingdots.

‘Missing Dots’, a term used in printer language, are missing spots on a print, where ink from the pan of the printing plate cylinders is not put correctly onto paper. Mostly, ‘missing dots’ happen on rough or uneven surfaces or on too fast running gravure printing presses. 

We are interested in missing dots on the rough and uneven areas of reality and society. Here, we research and investigate, ask questions and make the obtained material interdisciplinary, performative and scenic experienceable.