One room, two projectors, three hoardings, 14 pieces of luggage made from 42 Euro-Norm boxes. It smells like different homes. Does that even exist in plural form? Two performers take us along their way. Where are we going, what are we leaving when we go, what are we taking and what will be unnecessary? We come across borders. We arrive. Have we arrived when we forget about our past or if we can write an error-free letter to the pension insurance?
missingdots takes the audience along the way through an interactive room installation and invites to sensually take part in different aspects of migration, like crossing borders, arriving and meeting people.

Premiere 25.09.2020 at Societaetstheater Dresden

Artistic Collective
Julia Amme
Performance-Dance Helena Fernandino
Fine Arts Svea Duwe
Production/Dramaturgy  Katja Heiser
Videoprojection Franziska & Sophia Hoffmann
Sounddesign Nils Michael Weishaupt
Photos Julis Zimmermann
Video ravirfilm

Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen
Amt für Kultur und Denkmalschutz
Wir Gestalten Dresden #kunsttrotzcorona
Cooperation Partner
Societaetstheater Dresden

Mobile office for real affectivities

The temperature of the neighborhoods will be measured!

We will be biking through Dresden and go to different neighborhoods, set up our mobile office for real affectivities and collect moods, desires, needs and experiences: they’re going to be pinned, typed, pipetted and stapled.  The results will be part of our next production Transitraum and will be shown in September 2020 at the Societaetstheater Dresden. Also, the audience will meet the mobile office for real affectivities there.

We will be on the road in June, July and August.

TALKING OF PROHLIS – table theater

Who is the good soul of Prohlis?

What is on their minds?

Together with the directors Christiane Wiegand and Harry Fuhrman from Berlin, missingdots developed a table theater with and for citizens from Prohlis. During a phase of research, different citizens, initiatives, schools, youth centers, op-shops, Die Tafel e.V., etc. were interviewed about the situation in the neighborhood Prohlis. Scenes, which show everyday life in the neighborhood, were developed based on this material. The scenes were staged with interaction of acting, puppet show and object theater at the table. The audience was sitting around the table. Every scene ended with an open question to the audience, so that the people could start a conversation with each other.

Up to 25 table theater scenes were shown at different places in Prohlis.

Based on this project, the following project On the Tracks of the Giant – The Festival was developed.

Idea of concept, development of scenes, direction
Christiane Wiegand, Harry Fuhrmann
Julia Amme, Ilse Bendin, Philipp Grimm, Sven Hönig
Puppet show, object theater  
Marie Bretschneider, Thomas Herbst, Dennis Katzmann
Judith Emödy


‘It is, I cannot describe it any differently, a pointlessness which also enters words and leaves them without meaning. Something natural gets destroyed. The normal process, the safety, of putting my feelings and experiences into words is broken.

Dea Loher/speech to the awarding of the Bertolt Brecht Award, 2006

When language is not enough anymore to put experiences into words, when art has reached its limits – and then? After her travels through the war marked Afghanistan in 2005, the dramatist Dea Loher describes that state: ‘It is, I cannot describe it any differently, a pointlessness which also enters words and leaves them without meaning.’ The artist collective missingdots shows an interdisciplinary performance over the loss of naturalness.

Premiere: 20.02.2020 | HELLERAU European Centre of the Arts
Acting: Julia Amme
Fine arts: 
Svea Duwe
Kristin Mente
Choreography: Nora Schott
Nora Otte
Light design:
Martin Mulik

Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen
Amt für Kultur und Denkmalschutz Dresden
Collaboration partner:
HELLERAU European Centre for the Arts

HERO togo

Prison Chemnitz

Development of a play with imprisoned women at the Prison Chemnitz

Premiere 2016

Who is my hero in life? What is my achievement? What hero would I want to be?

Heroes of the everyday world are searched and found: your colleague, your friend, your own daughter, your lawyer, the unknown person, with whom you share a heroic moment. Fictional heroes say their wishes out loud. Fighting heroes strike a pose and silent heroes get a chance to speak.

The play was shown at the Prison Chemnitz for other prisoners.

Direction and development of the play: Julia Amme, Katja Heiser

Performers: imprisoned women at the Prison Chemnitz