TRANSITRAUM – opening night accomplished!

We had our first opening night and four additional shows at http://Societaetstheater Dresden! We only had 12 visitors each show, it was a very exclusive event! We had a great audience and we are excited already for the upcoming shows in January 2021!!! Quote from a married couple from Stuttgart: ‘The trip to Dresden was already worth it just because of this show!’ 😉 THANK YOU!

residency for missingdots!

Thankful + happy!! Next year we will be able to do a research residency in cooperation with Hellerau Europäisches Zentrum der Künste and with support by ‘Fond Darstellende Künste’ through the format takeCareResidenzen. At our ‘laboratory border research’ the artists Julia Amme, Svea Duve, Katja Heiser, Nora Schott, and Katja Turtl will test out border crossing formats. 2021 – we will stay creative and create something!
Supported by ‘Fonds Darstellende Künste’ from financial resources by the representative of federal government for culture and media


We are very happy about the scholarship Art despite Corona (Kunst trotz Corona) via We shape Dresden (Wir gestalten Dresden) within the additional financial resources by the Amt für Kultur und Denkmalschutz Dresden. Because of that, out following production TRANSITRAUM at the Societaetstheater will be taking place with two shows on Saturday and Sunday!!! And we will make sure that everyone sticks to hygiene rules;)

Transitraum – addition

We are very happy that Nils Michael Weishaupt is part of our team. As a sound designer he will create an audible component as part of the whole interactive room installation!!!

The newspaper DNN visited us

Thanks to Rico Stehfest for this great article called ‘The temperatures of the city’ published in the newspaper DNN on July 8th 2020! He visited our mobile office for real affectivities on Prager Strasse and looked precisely at our measuring station……..


April – June 2018

Yes!! A sponsorship by the Kulturstiftung Sachsen: interviews and research about the topic ‘What has changed in Dresden since 2015, in my personal and work environment, as well as the image of the city?’. Interviewpartners are Eckehard Möller, pastor of the Matin-Luther community in Dresden, Gisela Staupe, director of the museum and exhibitions at the Deutsches Hygiene Museum, Volker Lange, director of the criminal investigation department Dresden, a teacher for German as a second language, social workers, trainers for students of teaching and historians, among others.

Member of Villa Wigman für Tanz e.V.

September 2019

Since September 2019, missigndots is a member of the Villa Wigman für Tanz e.V. and therefor supports the interests of the performing arts in Dresden and Saxony. We are very happy to have found a creative place, where we can rehearse and connect with other artists.

Open day: November 13, 2019

Theater La Lune is now called missingdots

October 2019

As a free and for more than 10 years established theater, it is not very smart to change our name. Many of our benevolent colleagues advised us not to do it. We did it anyways and with a new name and a new website we are beginning to search for missing dots:

Theater La Lune is now called missingdots.

‘Missing Dots’, a term used in printer language, are missing spots on a print, where ink from the pan of the printing plate cylinders is not put correctly onto paper. Mostly, ‘missing dots’ happen on rough or uneven surfaces or on too fast running gravure printing presses. 

We are interested in missing dots on the rough and uneven areas of reality and society. Here, we research and investigate, ask questions and make the obtained material interdisciplinary, performative and scenic experienceable.