Magdalena Weniger

Independent Dancer, Performance Artist and Singer

After getting vocal training throughout her teenage years, she completed her studies of music and art education (StEx 2013 PH Freiburg). An education in dance and performance followed (TIP/bewegungs-art, 2013-2015). Under the label KOMA&Ko, which was founded as a binational collective Freiburg-St. Gallen, she developed performances for stage and off-spaces together with her colleague Linda Brodhag, while favoring switching collaborations with colleagues. Her versatile training is reflected in the facets of her work, which moves in-between dance and installation, performance, and experimental space-sound experiences. As a teacher, she works as vocal coach, dance instructor and GYROKINESIS® trainer for Bauhaus University Weimar, Hellerau – European Centre for the Arts and Chance Dance Projects. She is founding member of Villa Wigman for TANZ e.V., board member of TanzNetzDresden e.V. and advisory board member at Tanznetz Freiburg gUG.
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2022  Performance über das wichtigste Sinnesorgan

ravir film

ravir film – Show character!
‘Showing character’ means to us making personality filmic visible. As experts for thrilling documentary formats and creative online video content productions we stand for authenticity and emotions.

Julius Zimmermann

stage and costume design, photography, video

After finishing his cook training, he studied stage and costume design at Dresden University of Fine Arts (Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden). The interaction between people and the surrounding matter, as well as the independent operation of objects with each other without human influence are his main interests. Both Photography and stage and video design are ways to observe such movements, comment or create them – always trying to escape the traditional elevation of the role of human beings in intermaterial comparison. He tries to implement that together with the theatre network fachbetrieb rita grechen and as an individual photographer.

Frieda Prinbaum

cultural manager, journalist

studied cultural sciences, journalism and psychology at the University Leipzig. This was followed by internships at Berliner Ensemble and Volksbühne Berlin. From 2009 to 2014, she was employed as a consultant at two communication agencies in Dresden. Since 2014 she works independently as a cultural manager and in the field of cultural education in Dresden, as for KOST – Cooperation School and Theater in Saxony, Wir gestalten Dresden, the Office for Culture and Historic Preservation Dresden (Amt für Kultur und Denkmalschutz der Landeshauptstadt Dresden), tjg. theater junge generation, Staatsschauspiel Dresden, Kreatives Sachsen and others.
2022 Ost-Safari
2023 SAXONY Land of Dreams

Anton Krause

Anton Kurt Krause was born in Magdeburg in 1986 and has been visiting theatres from a very young age on. When he was 16 years old, he led the improvisation theatre group DIE KAMMERJÄGER. In 2004, he founded the theatre festival IMPROV(IS)E YOUR LIFE. He then worked as assistant producer at Theater der Altmarkt and studied stage directing at the Academy of Performing Arts Baden-Württemberg under supervision of Luk Perceval from 2008 to 2011. Since 2011/2012 season, Anton Kurt Krause has been assistant director at Thalia Theater Hamburg, where he worked with Jan Bosse, Stefan Pucher, Nicolas Stemann and Jette Steckel. His own work at Thalia Theater Hamburg included the monologue series SCHÖNER SCHEITERN at night shelter and more recently ICH RUFE MEINE BRÜDER by Jonas Hassen Khemiri, which ran over 4 seasons with more than 50 shows. Anton Kurt Krause staged the pilot episode of the Thalia-soap RENNBAHN DER LEIDENSCHAFT and directed the class room play SPIEL ZIGEUNISTAN by Christiane Richers, which celebrated its premiere during Lessingtage in 2014. With 75 sold out shows, his most successful production ALTE MEISTER by Thomas Bernhard is still running at Schauspielhaus Dresden. Since his stay at the Lincoln Center Theater Lab in 2015 in New York and the following residency at Robert Wilsons Water Mill Center, he has increasingly been working on international connections, as with the director collective P.L.U.T.O., who recently won an award with the project BLACK BOX at the Festival International de Buenos Aires. With his open collective ANNE&ICH, he developed different projects with the independent scene in Leipzig, Berlin, Hamburg and Dresden.
In 2020, he completed his master’s in the study programme ‘play and object’ at Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch where he researched about interfaces between digital and analogue theatre spaces.
Picture: Martina Talhofer
2021 FORMATOR Transformer of ordinary inputs

Katja Turtl

costume and stage design

Born in Greiz/Thuringia, studied costume and stage design at Dresden University of Fine Arts (Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden). Afterwards, she worked as stage design assistance at Neues Theater Halle, Deutsches Theater Berlin and Staatsschauspiel Dresden. Since 2013, Katja Turtle works as a freelance puppet builder, stage and costume designer. Her own work lead her to Mannheim, Rostock, Halle and to different theatres in Dresden.
2021: Mobiles Büro für echte Befindlichkeiten

Kristin Mente

Dance, choreography

Kristin Mente is an independent dancer and choreographer and studied stage dance at the Palucca University of Dance in Dresden (Palucca Hochschule für Tanz), which she finished in 2007. In the same year, she received the Palucca Scholarship for outstanding achievements.
From 2007 until 2012, she danced at the Tanztheater Bielefeld under direction of Gregor Zöllig. There she worked with different guest choreographers, like André Gingras, Simone Sandroni and Guilherme Botelho.
Since 2012, Kristin Mente is working as an independent dancer and choreographer. She came back to Dresden in 2015. She dances in projects with different artists and companies, like the guts company, M.over Company and John Moran. Besides that, she works as a guest dances at the Semperoper Dresden in different operas. For the projects ‘Linie 8’ and ‘kurz und gut’ she created multiple short pieces, like ’hunted’, ‘Gedankenkarussel’ and ‘neu ordnen’. Since 2016, she is active in the TanzNetzDresden.

Franziska + Sophia Hoffmann

Video art

The siblings Franziska and Sophia Hoffmann work together as a duo on installations and media-crossing projects with a focus on urbanity and technique. Places of exhibitions are GRASSI Museum Leipzig, Kunsthalle Erfurt, ICI Berlin, RischArt München and Playspace Gallery SanFrancisco, among other places. Just as for missingdots, they realise projects for the stage as well as visuals, documentations and dance videos.


Katja Heiser

Production, dramaturgy, theatre pedagogy

Studied cultural studies with a focus on theatre at the University in Hildesheim and the Hogeschool for de Kunsten in Utrecht. Since then, she works as a producer, dramaturge, theatre pedagogue and acting lecturer at different institutions and as a freelancer. Between 2007 and 2012 she was employed at the Staatsschauspiel Dresden and the tjg-theater junge generation Dresden.
Since then she works as a freelance theatre maker in Dresden and frequently makes productions at the Bürgerbühne Dresden. She also makes many production with professional and non-professional players with a focus on research and play development. Katja Heiser is the author of multiple text adaptions for the stage, like ‘Zebra land’ by Marlene Röder (2010), ‘The escape to Egypt’ by Ottfried Preußler (2012), ‘Don Quijote’ after Cervantes (2015).
Between 2010 and 2013, she was the artistic director of the ‘European Youth Forum’ of the festival in Bad Hersfeld. From 2010 until 2018, Katja was part of the jury of the national meeting of the theatre youth clubs. Since 2015, she made many productions with an intercultural context. In 2018, she received a three-monthly scholarship of the Kulturstiftung Sachsen to research ‘Integration of fled people in Dresden 2015 – 18’.
Since 2018, Katja is project manager of the ‘House of Music – a project of Banda Internationale’.
Since 2013, Katja is part of the team of Theater La Lune (now missing dots).

Julia Amme


Born in Berlin, studied acting at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg. In 1990, she received the solo award as the best graduate at the national competition of the German drama schools.
After jobs at the Thalia Theater in Hamburg, Stadttheater in Gießen, Landesbühne Sachsen and Freilichtspiele in Schwäbisch Hall, she has settled in Dresden and works a freelance actress.
Important roles were, among others, Katie in ‘Katie of Heilbronn’ (‘Das Käthchen von Heilbronn’), Ophelia in ‘Hamlet’, Simone Evard in ‘Jean Paul Marat’, Lady III in ‘The visit’ (‘Besuch der alten Dame’), Jocasta in Oedipus and Ranjewskaja in ‘The Cherry Orchard’.
Since 2005 she makes her own productions, like ‘Das Jagdgewehr’, a scenic story by Yasoushi Inoue, ‘Bomben ins Bewusstsein’ – scenes of German terror and ‘Transitraum’ – a German-German search for traces.
Since 2012, she is part of the collective Theater La Lune, now missingdots. In her artistic work, Julia Amme is looking for an interdisciplinary confrontation with acting, dance, performance and fine arts. She constantly educates herself further through workshops in the field of performance and dance theater: Ziele & Carter (UK), Francesco Kiais (GRC), Dagmar L. Clausnitzer – Smith (DEU), Marcel Sparman (DEU), Derevo (DEU – RUS), Tomi Paasonen (FIN).
2018 APROPOS PROHLIS – table theater
2022 G O O S E B U M P S | Ost-Safari
2023 SAXONY Land of Dreams
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